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GPS Locator for Pets.
So that you never lose your four-legged best friend!

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Wherespet PinPoint

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Wherespet PinPoint

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Keep your four-legged best friend safe with a Wherespet PinPoint. A true GPS locator for dogs of any size and finally for a fair price!

Works like a miniature cellphone that sends the GPS location of your pet directly to the cellphone of the Pet's owner. To know its location and even hear the sounds in its surroundings, the owner just needs to use Wherespet app to control the device.

All this with no range limits since Wherespet PinPoint relies on the GSM Network used by mobile devices to transmit information (unlike the fake pet locators that flood the market based on bluetooth short-range technology)! The GSM network is very well establish across all of Europe provide an excellent coverage.

But what makes the Wherespet offer even better than the rest is that you get top quality service and without having to pay any fixed costs imposed by a contract to a Network Operator! You buy our device and you can then use any SIM card, of any Network Operator you wish, with a plan that better suits your needs. You just pay for communication costs you actually need to make!

If you never lose your pet, you may have little to no further communication expenses depending on the Network Operator you choose.

GPS Locator. Efficient. Affordable.

Finally: the features you want in a pet locator and at a fair price!


true GPS location
(error between 5 and 30 meters)

Battery life

up until 280 hours on standby
(battery is charged through USB connection)


just 32 grams

Without any Subscription Contract

You pay the device only once!

More Features

  • Primary Location Module: GPS (almost perfect 5 to 30 meters accuracy - provided by satellites)
  • Secondary Location Module: LBS (location of GSM Cell Tower to which the device is connected to - returned after 50 seconds attempting to fetch GPS fix with no success)
  • Continuous tracking mode
  • Escape alerts via E-mail - Set multiple geofences (works with Continous tracking mode)
  • Battery Saving Mode, for emergencies only
  • Interface connection to navigation functions of Cellphone - Get coordinates and with one click get real-time navigation to your pet
  • Low battery alerts by SMS
  • Listening mode - Listen at any moment to the sounds on the device's surroundings
  • Although device is not Water proof, the protective pouch is water resistent and will safeguard against rain and wind. Also we supply a secondary zip-lock plastic bag in which you can insert your device for additional water protection is case it decides to cross water way
  • iOS App available
  • Android App available
  • Also works with Windows Phone by opening our platform on the browser
  • By the way, did we mention no need for pesky mandatory subscription contracts ??


"Wherespet PinPoint was the best solution for my dogs, which are real canine terrors,
but at the same time the best friends anyone can have!
They are experts on escaping, but thanks to the GPS locator, we were able to find them as far as 10 kms away from home!"

AC, Marley's proud owner

Where to Buy

Want to buy a Wherespet GPS Locator for Pets ? Check the map for nearby partner sellers.

If you don't have any partner nearby, you can contact us directly at sales@wherespet.com and we'll mail you our product. Please remember, Wherespet PinPoint works in all EU countries, including the UK.

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