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Q: "Is there a monthly fee associated with the standard service?"

A: No. Wherespet doesn't charge any monthly fees for the standard service, which includes location requests and hearing the device's surroundings' sounds.
However, users may have communications costs from the SIM card used to communicate with the device. We always recommend pre-paid SIM cards with no mandatory payments. That way the user only has communication costs depending to how many location requests are actually made.
One location request will consume one SMS for example. If you never have an emergency, you don't spend any funds.

Q: "The location is very far away from where I am. Why?"

A: The device doesn't always respond to requests with GPS location (which have an accuracy of as little as between 5 and 25 meters). If the GPS satellite signal is not strong enough (example: device is indoors) and situation stays the same 50 seconds after request is made, the device will return the secondary mode location LBS.

LBS location is based on the location of cell towers to which the device is actually connected.

For urban areas, typical position error of LBS location can be as little as 200 meters and as big as 3 km for rural areas.

Q: "The battery is said to last 11 days in stand-by. What does 'stand-by' mean?"

A: Stand-by means the device is turned on, connected to the telecom network and waiting location requests, but not doing anything else.

Q: "My battery was drained faster than 11 days. Why did that happen?"

A: Stand-by is an ideal situation. If the battery consumption is faster than expected, a few things are may be happening:
  • User is making location, status or voice call requests to the device, thus increasing energy consumption.

  • The device is located in a weaker telecom signal place. This means more energy will be required to keep the device connected to the network.

  • Lithium battery is old. All lithium batteries degrade over time with use and that results in shorter battery life.

Q: "Do I get a warning when device battery is low?"

A: Yes. When battery reaches only 10% user will receive a warning via E-mail or SMS.

Q: "I saw a bluetooth location device being sold which is the size of a coin. Why is this one bigger?"

A: Most exclusively bluetooth devices, are actually NOT GPS trackers, although many are unfortunately advertised as such.

Bluetooth "Beacon" tags are very short range (~15meters), which makes then useless for pet location. Some pets, especially dogs, will quickly run away a few kilometers. We've had pets using Wherespet PinPoint which were found by their owners thanks to our device 10 kilometers away from their residence.

Wherespet PinPoint and no range limit within Europe and is a true GPS device (it has a GPS module inside) that provides you exact coordinates to your pet!

Q: "Can I use it on my cat ?"

A: Wherespet PinPoint is very small, but we don't think it's still small enough for cats. Cats have a tendency to get into tighter spaces in which a GPS pouch may increase the risk of the cat getting stuck. For these reasons we at Wherespet only recommend this first model for dogs.

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