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A World Where No Pet Goes Missing

Wherespet is a startup company dedicated to keeping your four-legged best friends nearby and safe.
PinPoint is our first GPS locator device for dogs.

  • True GPS location and secondary LBS location
  • Listening to surroundings feature
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Low power mode - up to 11 days stand-by
  • Tracking mode
  • No mandatory monthly subscription

Details and Specifications

  • 1 - Cord holder (in case you want to easily secure the device somewhere)
  • 2 - Reset
  • 3 - ON/OFF
  • 4 - USB entry for recharging battery
  • 5 - LED Indicator of GSM signal
  • 6 - LED Indicator of GPS signal
  • 7 - Micro SIM card slot
  • 8 - Micro SIM card entry protective cover
  • 9 - Microphone


GPS location time GPS location accuracy Battery life Working Temperature Working Humidity Interval Device dimensions (without the pouch) Weight (without the pouch) Water resistance
30 seconds (open sky) 5 to 25 meters up until 280 hours in standby (under strong GSM connection) -20 oC ~ +70oC 5% ~ 95% RH 40(length)x34(height) x14(thickness)mm 24g This device is NOT water proof (only water resistant). To be fully protected, please insert it into the small plastic Zip Lock bag contained in the package, before inserting in the external protective pouch. The protective pouch is made of teflon fabric, which is also water resistant.

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