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A World Where No Pet Goes Missing


What if your four-legged best friend ran away and disappeared?

Wherespet was created to solve this problem!
At Wherespet we conduct research and development of technological solutions to ensure you never lose track of your four-legged best friend.

Wherespet PinPoint

Keep your four-legged best friend safe with Wherespet PinPoint. A true GPS locator for dogs of any size and at last at a fair price!

GPS Locator. Efficient. Affordable.

Finally: the features you want in a pet locator and at a fair price!


true GPS location
(error between 5 and 30 meters)

Battery life

up until 280 hours on standby
(battery is charged through USB connection)


just 32 grams

No Monthly Subscription

You pay the device only once!


"Wherespet PinPoint was the best solution for my dogs, which are real canine terrors,
but at the same time the best friends anyone can have!
They are experts on escaping, but thanks to the GPS locator, we were able to find them as far as 10 kms away from home!"

AC, Marley's proud owner



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