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Wherespet Overwatch and Street.
Public Stray Animal Feeder and Population Monitoring Platform

Imagine a day when your long lost four-legged best friend is found miles from home by a Public Stray Animal Feeder - Wherespet Street device, allowing its safe return the following day;

Imagine a City, Town or Village in which you can live or visit knowing that there are no stray animals being neglected, starving or in danger;

Imagine that such a thing is possible without the extreme personal sacrifice of thousands of volunteers from Animal Welfare Associations;

You don't believe it's possible?
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The Wherespet Overwatch platform is the first of its kind fulfilling and essencial task in a society with modern values that cares about animals' welfare.

It's the combination of software and hardware for the detection of lost pets and keeping heathy stray animal colonies (identified, healthy and sterialised). Which also acts as a communication bridge between the Municipally's Vets and Animal Welfare Associations in order to promote adoptions.

By installing public stray animal feeders accross the country, which also monitor the animals that feed on them, it is then possible to Wherespet, through the Wherespet Overwatch platform, to identify lost pets, animals that don't have owners, know their appearant health status and movements. All that information is shared in real-time with the Municipally's Veterinary Doctor and recognised local Animal Welfare Associations, so that both can quickly act in sterilising stray animals, returning lost animals to their owners and promoting adoption of now known stray animals.

With the great victory of animal rights in Portugal, which established a rule to end the killing of stray animals as means of controlling their populations, Wherespet has created this advanced technological solution to keep stray populations controlled and healthy while having the utmost respect for the animals and their lives.

Although this solution was created thinking in Portugal, it can be applied in any other country that deeply cares about animals. Just contacts us!

Do you support this idea ?

This work by Wherespet is meant to be used by local city councils. If you like this idea, feel free to share our contact and work with you city council representatives. We'll gladly schedule a Skype call to further explains how to best implement our tech in your town.

Just e-mail us at biz@wherespet.com and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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